Pediatric residency training, currently in 5th year in Pediatric Department, Hospital de Santa Maria– CHULN, EPE, Lisbon, Portugal.
Pediatric Residency: 2016 – Present
At: Pediatric Department, Hospital de Santa Maria – CHLN, EPE, Lisbon, Portugal.
October to December 2019: fellowship in Pediatric Neurology Department, in neurometabolic disorders, in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, Barcelona, Spain
Internal and external Emergency Department of Pediatrics medical team of Hospital de Santa Maria, CHLN.
Orientation and training of medical students of the Faculty of Medicine, Lisbon University.
Master’s in medicine: 2009-2014
At: Lisbon Medical University, Lisbon, Portugal
Master’s Degree, with a final course average of 17 out of 20. Final master’s work titled, “Creatine Carrier Deficit – How far do we investigate the cause of a developmental delay?”